The Top Four Trends to look out for when purchasing a necklace this year

Trends come and go, and the world of jewellery is no different. If you’re considering investing in a necklace, or need to purchase a gift for someone, then you will want your selection to be a modern one, in line with current trends and tastes. Here are four top trends to look out for! 

Oversized Pendants:

Dozens of runways have featured models dressed in simple looks brought to life by dramatic and bold pendant necklaces. Instead of opting for a pendant capped off by a small and delicate stone, you can instead go for a pendant necklace that showcases larger and more dramatic shapes and textures, such as circles or mosaics.

Personalised Jewellery:

If there is any trend that will truly allow you to stand out from a crowd, it's personalised jewellery. A personalised necklace can be as subtle or bold as you wish, and your options can range from simple pre-made name necklaces to an intricate monogram of your initials. There are also options to include multiple names (such as family names) or dates (to commemorate an important moment in your life).

Multi-Coloured Stones:

With silver and gold always dominating jewellery trends, it is easy to forget that you can add colour with gemstones. The current trend is to integrate more than one colour stone into a necklace for maximum impact and contrast. This often involves a large stone surrounded by smaller contrasting gemstones.

Punk Style Necklaces:

Necklaces containing chains and hardware are very popular this year. These types of necklaces (ordinarily made of sterling silver or yellow gold) pair well with more casual outfits. Mixing two different types and or strands of metals is another feature of these necklaces, whether you opt for a simple curb chain style, or a slightly longer one.    

Keep these four simple trends in mind the next time you're considering a necklace choice, or head into your local store to see our extensive range of necklaces.

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