Why a round Diamond Engagement Ring will always be a classic choice

Most marriages begin with a ring that signifies the start of what will be a long and happy relationship, which is why so much thought and consideration goes into choosing the right one. Overwhelmingly, a round diamond is the most popular choice for an engagement ring, and it has been so for some time. If you are planning to propose and aren’t quite sure what your partner’s taste is, then this shape makes a great choice.

What makes round diamonds such a classic?

No matter what size or carat of diamond you choose, you want it to be sparkling and eye-catching, and you’ll want it to be set in a ring your partner will be dying to show off to friends, family, and co-workers.

Scientists have researched the various diamond shapes, and found that the diamond shape that offers the most brilliance is the round one, thanks to its circular shape and angled size. This cut has the maximum number of facets, which is the part of the diamond’s surface that light reflects off to create its signature sparkle. A well-cut round diamond will outshine oval, pear and princess cuts.

With all diamonds, a balance between brilliance and fire must be obtained. The brilliance is the white light that is reflected off the diamond, while the fire is when the light disperses in the stone to display a rainbow colour. A round diamond can balance these two elements perfectly to offer the best of both features.

If you are planning on proposing with a round diamond engagement ring, it’s important to get your ring from a reputable supplier. Some suppliers cut round diamonds with the goal of reducing the stone’s weight, which can reduce its sparkle by up to two thirds.

Bevilles can match you or your partner with the perfect round diamond engagement. With jewellery stores across Australia, allow us to assist you with the best possible round diamond ring for your proposal, while always keeping within your budget. 

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