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How to choose the perfect watch band

In the past, wearing a watch was necessary to remain on time. These days, most of us rely on our phones to keep time. This makes modern watch wearing more of a fashion statement than ever. If you’d like to add a watch to your style, you’ll want one that matches your taste and accompanies the rest of your wardrobe.

Here’s a guide to selecting the perfect watch band for you.


A watch strap should fit the watch piece and should also have an appropriate length for the diameter of your wrists. You can normally find sizing information on the back of any strap, measured in millimetres. If you’re planning on swapping your straps on a single timepiece, making sure the strap is the right length and width is essential.


Certain watch names are associated with different styles and materials. Knowing what they’re synonymous for will help narrow down your choices. For example, dress watches for brands such as Daniel Wellington, Armani Exchange, Michael Kors or Pierre Cardin normally have elegant straps in leather or in dazzling metals such as silver, gold and rose gold. These high-end watches are where you’re most likely to find straps ranging from the standard leather to the more exotic alligator. Of course, if your timepiece allows, you could get several styles and interchange them as per the style you intend to wear.


When it comes to picking a watch strap, the beauty lies in the details. You might have a favourite colour and material in mind, but don’t forget details such as stitching, clasps and buckles. Are you going for a bold and eye-catching look or would you prefer something more subtle? You can go for matching stitching and discreet, vintage matte clasps and buckles for a more conservative look. On the other hand, if you’re keen to attract attention to your wrist, you can experiment with bold colours and glossy finishes with over-sized clasps and buckles.


Your watch can be just as much an expression of style as it is practical. Bevilles can accommodate this need with a wide range of watches you’ll be able to select that perfectly match what you’d like to communicate.

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