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A Ladies watch should be elegant, beautifully crafted, and practical, which is why you won’t be disappointed with our range of watches especially designed for women. Bevilles have many different styles of watches, including those of leading brands such as Fossil, JAG, and Pierre Cardin.

Ultimately, your choice of watch will need to fit your personality, so that it broadcasts something unique about you, the wearer. Take, for example, one of our watches from the elegant Pierre Cardin range. These are perfect for the fashion-conscious woman with a busy social calendar. We also have sports watches for those who instead spend time participating in a chosen sport. Halfway between these two styles, we have a large collection of casual pieces that are neither too formal nor too delicate, but are strong enough to withstand the rigours of day-to-day activities.

Whatever your taste or lifestyle, we have the perfect watch for you. We keep a large range in stock for women, whether you’re interested in luxury watches, casual wear watches, dressy watches, or sports watches. The timepiece you choose will be able to fit your lifestyle, and to become a part of you.

Lastly, when you choose a watch, you want to be sure it's value for money. All of our timepieces are top quality watches while being, at the same time, affordable. You can buy ladies' watches directly from us online or in store. All of our ladies' watches are guaranteed, as is our commitment to quality and value.

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