Stainless Steel Guide


Affordable Jewellery That Will "Steel" Your Heart

All The Shine Without The Damage

Although stainless steel is strong, resistant, and practical, it is no less beautiful than other types of jewellery. If you desire a piece that will truly stand the test of time, without losing an inkling of brilliance, then stainless steel jewellery is for you.

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What Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a highly resistant alloy, composed of iron and around 10.5% chromium. This wondrous alloy finds its roots in the early 20th century, where metallurgists in the UK and France first discovered the highly resistant properties of iron-chromium blends.

Today, stainless steel is probably the most prevalent metal in your life, and is a key part of:

  • Your homewares, including cutlery, kitchenware, fittings, fixtures, and appliances.
  • The industrial machinery that produces everything you own and consume.
  • Every building and dwelling you inhabit, as both practical and aesthetic elements.
  • All kinds of transport, from your bicycle, to the train taking you too and from work.
  • The satellites flying above your head, putting you in touch with the world around you.

Stainless steel is also making waves as an inexpensive and popular alternative to jewellery made from precious metals. New jewellery technology and manufacturing techniques can produce brilliant artisan pieces for a fraction of the price of other jewellery.

Stainless steel jewellery is both inexpensive, useful and beautiful—a composition not often seen in normal or precious metals. The reason that stainless steel is so special is that it possesses an aesthetic brilliance comparable to gold, silver and titanium, plus a number of unique properties of its own.

Stainless Steel Properties

As Earth's most versatile and applicable metal alloy, stainless steel has a whole litany of properties that make it special. These properties all carry through to stainless steel jewellery, making these pieces some of the most versatile and lasting on the market.

  • Stainless steel doesn't physically degrade, and repairs itself quickly against oxidation.
  • It's 100% recyclable, and it's estimated that each new item contains up to 60% recycled material.
  • It is biologically inert, meaning that at a solid level, it does not give off any harmful chemicals.

Stainless steel can be polished to a mirror finish, meaning that it can potentially become just as brilliant as silver, gold, or titanium. As an already mixed metal alloy, stainless steel can also be further treated to achieve a range of appearances, including:

  • Silver
  • White
  • Yellow gold
  • Rose gold
  • Black

Caring For Stainless Steel

Thanks to its hardy chemical composition, stainless steel is one of the easiest metals to care for. Stainless steel will mark with normal wear and tear, creating a slightly muted patina. You might enjoy the more matte look of your piece, but if you'd like it restored, that won't be a problem.

Whilst it does not tarnish, stainless steel jewellery can be scratched. If this happens to your piece, simply bring your stainless steel jewellery to your local jeweller, and it can be polished, buffed and restored at minimal cost.

Keep in mind that stainless steel jewellery is incredibly strong and mostly resistant to damage. This means that stainless steel rings and bracelets cannot be resized or soldered like other kinds of jewellery.

Also, be sure to keep your stainless steel jewellery separate from your other pieces of jewellery. Its robust chemical composition can scratch and damage your finer pieces of jewellery, especially those made from high-carat yellow gold or high-purity sterling silver.

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Please note that Stardust Stainless Steel Jewellery cannot be worn in water.