4 Productivity Hacks that make smart watches a worthwhile investment

There are many reasons that make buying a Smart watch a great investment. Not only are these advanced timepieces stylish and well-designed, but they can also be linked to your Android or Apple smartphone to provide you with a diverse range of lifestyle apps right at your wrist. We were spoilt for choice when compiling our list of productive hacks enabled by Smart watches. We narrowed it down to four select reasons why this corporate accessory is a must-have. 

  1. Many smart watches come with fitness trackers, where you can monitor your heart rate, keep track of the calories you’ve burnt, and get statistics on your screen. During hectic work days when you just manage to get a workout in, at least you know your fitness stats will be recorded for you to analyse later.
  2. Missing an alert most times is not cause for concern, but for business, it can pose a serious problem. Now you can receive all your alerts on your Smart watch and stay on top of business. What's more, alerts on your Smart watch are much more discreet than an annoying buzzing mobile! View notifications at a glance and dismiss them quickly in a fraction of the time it would take to do on your phone.
  3. Use the voice command to quickly dictate a note to your watch; it will be automatically saved to the default note-taking application on your smartphone. The same functionality can also be used to set reminders or check your calendar.
  4. Smart watches are search-enabled which means that you don’t have to waste hours in searching their features. Simply ask a question and have the information delivered straight to you.

Now you can get through your daily tasks faster and easier with the many functions enabled by a Smart watch!

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