5 Occasions when only a diamond will do

5 Occasions when only a diamond will do

Diamonds are a timeless gift. Synonymous with luxury, they sparkle like no other jewel on earth. Nothing says 'classic' like a diamond engagement ring, discreet set of diamond stud earrings, or delicate diamond pendant.

It's almost a cliche to quote the famous advertising slogan, 'diamonds are forever', but diamonds truly do represent an enduring declaration of love. Prized for their beauty, brilliance and rarity, they can refract light into a rainbow of colours.

For life's most momentous occasions, only a diamond will do. Here are five of our favourite occasions where a diamond's ability to radiate beauty and brilliance will make a significant milestone feel even more special.


    The perfect proposal involves a diamond engagement ring. A diamond ring is an ideal way to symbolise the timelessness of your love for someone, and to show them just how special they are to you.

    Whether you go for a modern yellow gold solitaire diamond, or a pear-shaped diamond cut ring, a diamond engagement ring is a classic choice that will spark joy for many years to come.


    Obviously, if you bought someone a gift of diamond jewellery for their birthday each year, it would add up to a lot of money. But not all birthdays are created equal, and some are more significant than others.

    For extra special birthdays, such as when someone is turning 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70, it's an excellent idea to give them a timeless piece of diamond jewellery. Diamonds never go out of style and are loaded with symbolic value. 

    Consider a gold or sterling silver diamond pendant for a younger person and an elegant diamond bracelet or set of earrings for an older adult. Diamonds suit everyone, so think outside of the jewellery box and explore diamond earrings, necklaces, watches and rings for men, as well as for women.


    A unique piece of diamond jewellery is a great way to commemorate someone's school or university graduation. A meaningful gift that will retain sentimental value for years to come, diamond jewellery will always remind the person you love of how proud you were to be present on their special day. 

    The magnitude of a significant life milestone, such as graduation, cannot be overestimated. Stick to classic diamond pieces that are both stylish and timeless to ensure you choose the perfect celebratory gift.


    They say children make the perfect addition to any household, but we'd like to add that diamond jewellery is a pretty close second. 'Push' presents—gifts given to a woman shortly after she has given birth, typically by her spouse or partner—are growing in popularity, and a diamond necklace engraved with the baby's name is sure to be treasured by a new mum forever.

    And fathers shouldn't be left out of the picture. Diamond jewellery is a wonderful present to give to both mothers and fathers as congratulations on a child's birth. Necklaces may feature angels, keys or hearts, and be tailored or engraved to fit the buyer's specifications.


    A piece of diamond jewellery is the perfect way to mark a special anniversary with your partner. Express your everlasting devotion with unique or custom jewellery that will offer a constant reminder of all that you have experienced together and all of the unknown joys to come.  According to tradition, a couple's diamond anniversary comes after a well-spent 60 years together, but we think there's no reason why you shouldn't gift your partner a diamond before this milestone occurs to commemorate your ongoing love and memories. Remember Bevilles next time you have a momentous occasion approaching. We have an extensive range of exquisite diamond jewellery for when nothing but a diamond will do! 


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