The majority of our high priced diamond jewellery products come with a free independent valuation; this includes information on the colour and clarity of the diamond.

If you require a basic valuation for any other jewellery, this can also be arranged.

Here are some of our charges:

$75 flat-fee for all basic jewellery items;

Solitaire rings, gold chains and items with less than 20 diamonds. This price includes a 'clean and polish' which is a requirement of all valuers’ before they assess an item.

$75 minimum for all complicated jewellery items;

Multi-stone pieces with 20 stones or more which have various different cuts or many different coloured stones that require individual testing. Our valuer’s will provide a quote based on the amount of time it will take to produce a valuation.

For more information on our valuation service or if you would like to order a valuation please call us on 1300 797 949