Wolf Atlas - Blank Titanium B

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SKU: 490065

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Wolf Atlas - Blank Titanium B
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The ultimate in security for your watches, jewellery & valuables. Bespoke, the Atlas safe can be configured for as many winders and drawers as you need. Forged in American steel, UL tested and certified for burglary & fire, the Atlas is an impenetrable fortress. Painted steel polished to a mirror finish, drawers lined with LusterLocâ„¢ treated fabrics that stop tarnishing for 35 years. Watch winders are controlled by WOLF's Bluetooth connected App. Control one or all winders at the same time.

Bluetooth app controlled: Apple & Android
Additional storage: 11 Black finished exterior, grey LusterLocâ„¢ lined, pull-out drawers house watches, jewellery and accessory storage, 3 open drawers, 5 jewellery drawers, and 3 watch drawers with room for up to 30 watches.
UL certified independent testing verifies: Fire resistance for up to 120 minutes, tested at 1,700 °F (927 °C), then dropped from 30 feet. The interior temperature during the fire test remains below 350 °F (177 °C), (paper burns at 450 °F (232 °C), so your documents remain safe. Water Resistance: The interior of the safe door is sealed with Palusol fire seal which expands 8 times the original size, sealing the door.
Additional App controls: Effortlessly control winder modules independently or simultaneously with WOLF app Customize you safe with the ability to name the safe and each winder. Upload your watches or personal photos as background image. i-Mode feature controls LED light with the ability to set on/off timers based on your schedule Password protected app control Register your warranty from your phone Contact customer service and shop online.
Size: 55.9 x 61 x 111.8 cm
Material: Steel
Colour: Titanium

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