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Online Lay-By

How do I create an Online Lay-by?

Creating an online lay-by is as easy! 
  1. Add products to your cart. The minimum order total for a lay-by is $500.00.
  2. At checkout, click on the 'Lay-by' tab.
  3. Pay your deposit and set up a payment plan with 3 easy monthly repayments.
Online Lay-by Delivery
When will my Online Lay-by be delivered?

Delivery of your online lay-by order will commence after your final lay-by installment has been paid.  You will receive email notification from us once your order has been dispatched.  

Can I pick up my Online Lay-by from store?

Your Online Lay-by is only available to be delivered to your home or work. We are unable to deliver it to your nearest store.

Online Lay-by Payment
How do I pay for my Online Layby?

We accept for Paypal, Visa and Mastercard for online Lay-by orders.

Do I have to pay a deposit for my Online Lay-by order?

A 25% deposit is required to place an Online Lay-by. The minimum deposit amount is automatically calculated and shown on the lay-by options screen. A $2 administration/lay-by fee applies to all orders. 

What do I do if payment fails?

If payment retry is unsuccessful, your order will remain on 'Payment Failed' status. Any future scheduled payments on your lay-by order will not be processed. You will need to contact one of our customer service representatives to process a payment and activate your lay-by payment schedule again. You can contact us via customerservice@bevilles.com.au.

Will my lay-by order be cancelled?

Your order may be cancelled if it continues to remain on 'Payment Failed' status. You will receive a notification email if your order is pending cancellation. To prevent this, you can email customerservice@bevilles.com.au to make a payment.

Can I cancel my lay-by order?

If you wish to cancel your lay-by order, you can email or call one of our customer service representatives within 30 days of the order placement date to process a refund of any successful amounts already paid. If cancellation is made after this date cancellation will incur a charge of 25% of purchase price and any remaining sum shall be reimbursed to the purchaser.  Please note that the $2 lay-by admin/lay-by fee is not refundable in any circumstance.

Why would a payment be unsuccessful?

A bank may decline transactions in many instances, such as:

  1. when an expiry date and debit/credit card number do not match;
  2. if a debit or credit card has been cancelled or has had restrictions placed on it, or;
  3. if not enough funds are available to debit
How can I find out more about my payment schedule or payment details?

If you wish to confirm the amount to be deducted or the account you nominated for this lay-by order, please contact us via email sales@bevilles.com.au.

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