Scott Watters
LifeChanger Foundation
Michelle Beville is the type of leader we need more of! The combination of genuine care and empathy for others with practical, lived experience make the strategies and tips Michelle shares in ‘Feel Fab in 5’ accessible to everyone and easy to implement into your everyday life. Such a simple yet powerful way to add something positive and Life Changing to your day!
Natalie Ledwell
Founder of Mind Movies
Host of the podcast, Not Over, Just Different
Co-host of the cable TV show WAKE UP
I love how clean and easy it is to navigate the member's area. Michelle has a very down-to-earth approach to personal growth because she's speaking from life experience. So she's not just telling you what to do, she's sharing what she does herself that's helped her to become so successful. I love how the program is broken down into 5-minute digestible lessons because it doesn't matter how busy you are, we can all afford five minutes a day to improve the quality of our lives.
Mary Morrissey
Founder Brave Thinking Institute
Michelle Stanton has invested years in the research and study of the art and science of creating successful outcomes, in other words, a fabulous life. Now, Michelle Stanton has created an elegant, simple and powerful program to help you create your own amazing and fabulous life…all in 5 min a day for 5 weeks. You’ll be amazed and thrilled as you enjoy, not only this wonderful program, but the results you are creating as you apply this. I highly encourage you to give yourself this gift.”
Lynn Kitchen
Producer of Positive Media and Financial Consultant Bringing People, Capital and Ideas Together
The Fabulous Michelle Beville (Mish) brings her “FEEL FAB IN 5” alive just in time for all of us to see how easy it can be to feel fabulous and build authentically fabulous lives that we love. The world needs more women to live boldly and beautifully so we can teach our children and their children how to love themselves. This program is a rare opportunity to be mentored directly by Michelle, one of the premiere business and personal development thought leaders today. Her passion for helping people be the best they can be is contagious and will have lasting effects on you forever more! I highly recommend this course and I know it will be the best 5 minutes of your day! I joyfully join in our daily mantra: “I AM FABULOUS!” Thank you, Mish!
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