The Hottest Jewellery to wear this Winter

With winter outfits comprised of thick-knitted garments such as woolen scarves, hats and gloves, choosing the right jewellery can be a challenge. Dangling earrings and necklaces with chain claws get caught on cashmere jumpers, and bracelets quickly disappear under layers of clothing.

As a self-professed fashionista, you love the glamour of jewellery that gives your look an edge, but what do you do in the cold season, when the need for warmth sometimes trumps glamour? 

How to up the glam factor in winter:

The trick is to pair winter garments with bold jewellery that won’t snag or get easily hidden under jerseys or fleeces.

Show off thick solid bangles

Bold, solid bangles are ideal adornments, as they are less likely to slide beneath sleeves. You can opt for stainless steel bangles or even mix and match a variety of colours and designs.

Standout feature pendants

It is possible to wear necklaces in winter and have the effect ruined by a scarf. Large pendants are perfect with a winter wardrobe. 

Add sparkle to your ears with flat studs

Instead of large earrings that will quickly get caught in scarves, opt for smaller studs. If you’re big on hoop-style earrings, choose designs that feature smart, streamlined lock-in hooks. 


There is no better time than winter to step up and accessorise with jewellery. With a little thought, you can wear jewellery very stylishly with a winter wardrobe. 

Bevilles has a beautiful range of stunning jewellery from rose gold necklaces to diamond earrings and bracelets, so look fabulous while you’re keeping warm! Head in store or online today! 

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