Classic vs New Age Watches – should you buy vintage-inspired or modern?

A watch does so much more than tell time. For some, it’s to make a fashion statement, and for others it’s to complement an outfit. It can be an accessory you wear only a few times a year, or it can be practical: something you can wear to work everyday. In this way, a watch communicates much about the wearer. Whether you enjoy a classy, vintage-inspired look, or whether you prefer something new and on trend, here’s some handy information to help you buy your next watch.


Usually the elegant, stylish addition that draws eyes to your wrist is the classic style watch. Some may sparkle the entire room, others may just add the finishing touch to a sophisticated look. Whether attached to a classy leather strap or a polished metal, show off a captivating face of elegance and charm.

Spectacular in appearance and masterfully crafted, Citizen watches are the embodiment of style. They offer sophisticated and classic beauty for women looking for something special and, but are versatile enough to be worn daily.


It’s a new age we live in today, but it doesn’t mean we have to leave the watch behind just because we can read the time on our smartphone. In fact, a smartwatch is the perfect way to combine the device that’s in your pocket to the one on your wrist. And who’s to say these can’t be just as elegant as the classic look as well. The Fossil collection features many tech-savvy dials with features such as touchscreens. 

So whether you’re nostalgic and love the vintage look or admire the way technology has now merged with timepieces, there are options at either end of the spectrum. Whichever style and type you prefer, you can visit a store, or check out our online range now. 

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